Shiner Lutheran

Sunday School

Sunday School starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 10:00 AM

Godly Play is divided into three age groups: PK-K, 1-3 graders, and 4-6 graders. Here the students learn bible stories and sing songs to God’s glory.

Confirmation Class is for students in junior high with instruction geared toward becoming a confirmed member of our church.

Holy Divers is a high school group with studies Bible based to help our students become an active member in our church.

The adult Sunday School class focuses part of its learning experience following the weekly gospel and bible texts read in church with an in depth look at the meaning of those lessons, and how they relate to us now and in the future. There are also special five week course interspersed with more emphasis on current events and their relevance to the bible and the teaching of the church.

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